Tips to Prepare Home for Listing Photo Shoot

Tips for REALTORS® and Homeowners: Preparing for a Listing Photo Shoot

Published on December 27, 2016 and Updated on July 9, 2017 By

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As a professional real estate photographer based in Connecticut, Jim Fuhrmann has photographed countless homes for REALTORS® and homeowners over the past ten years. He has used the knowledge he obtained during that period to write the following article to help REALTORS® and homeowners prepare for a listing photo shoot.

For the best photographic results and the biggest impact; to attract a wider pool of potential buyers; and to keep the cost of professional photography to its lowest, homes should be photo ready (cleaned, decluttered, depersonalized, and prepped) prior to the listing photographer's arrival, specifically and most importantly the spaces that will be photographed. It's a fact that your first showing with prospective home buyers occurs online, and if the photographs portray a cluttered home, you'll lose these buyers before they even physically stepped foot inside your home.

In addition to ensuring a clean and decluttered home prior to the listing listing photographer's arrival, ensure that kitchen counters and appliances are clean and free of clutter; kitchen trash cans and outdoor garbage containers are stored away; floors are swept and carpets are vacuumed; all beds are made; all clothing, towels, and linens are picked up from bedroom and bathroom floors; bathrooms are clean and toilet seats are down; and all lights are turned on and all blown out light bulbs are replaced.

Also, ensure that proper arrangements have been made for pets prior to the listing photographer's arrival so they don't disrupt the integrity and quality of the photo shoot. It's best to de-pet your home prior to the listing photographer's arrival by putting away pet toys and pet bowls.

Lastly, most listing photographers do not move furniture or props in and out of scenes. It is normally the responsibility of the REALTOR® and / or homeowner to have the spaces staged for the photo shoot prior to the listing photographer's arrival.

The following photo depicts a cluttered kitchen, which detracts from an otherwise beautiful photo:
Cluttered Kitchen Example

Showing your home in a cluttered state as in the above photo can turn away potential buyers. End of Article

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