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An Unresolved Issue With Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted by @JimFuhrmann on November 24, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT | E-MAIL AUTHOR

Last evening, I posted an article titled “A Personal Experience With Adobe Creative Cloud” in which I detailed an issue I had been experiencing with my Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription ever since Adobe revealed that their website was hacked back in October. You can read that article via the link below to gain some insight before proceeding to read this article:

This is an update to that article to inform everyone that the issue, for which I had detailed in the article, and for which I concluded had resolved itself, in fact, has not resolved itself. The issue has resurfaced this morning (see images below) and now I can no longer access my installed Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications for which I am paying a 12-month contractual monthly subscription for.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Please check your billing information

Adobe Creative Cloud, Validating license status online

The first image shown above remains in a perpetual loop. When I click on the OK button, it disappears for a few seconds, then attempts to ‘validate license status online’ (see second image), then goes back to displaying the image: ‘Please check your billing information.’

This is so frustrating and disruptive!!!

As I mentioned in my first article, the amount of time I've spent to date trying to resolve this issue has been extremely frustrating and has taken me away from the important tasks of running my business and servicing my clients’ business needs.

I am pleading with Adobe for a resolution, and I am "going social" to do that as my previous attempts to get this resolved through the proper channels (i.e.) by way of calling Adobe Customer Support and posting to Adobe's Customer Support Portal have proved futile.

While I await a resolution from Adobe, my advice to those considering an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is wait... Wait until the dust has settled from Adobe's recent website hack to ensure that they've really tightened their website security; wait to ensure that the evidential software bug that is plaguing my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and installed Adobe Creative Cloud applications is fixed; and wait until Adobe has taken the necessary steps to lower the on-hold times for those calling Adobe Customer Support.

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