The Truth and Facts Behind The Illegal Immigration Issue

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The Truth and Facts Behind The Illegal Immigration Issue Concerned American Sounds Off

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June 19, 2018

SUBJECT: The Truth and Facts Behind The Illegal Immigration Issue

Dear Fellow Americans:

Unfortunately, the left (democrats, liberals, and socialists); the globalists (establishment republicans); and the mainstream media will have you believe that President Trump is a racist and that he is separating children from their parents. The simple truth is, he is not a racist and he is doing exactly what Obama and his administration had done with regard to illegal immigrants, ENFORCING EXISTING LAWS AND THE POLICY OF THE UNITED STATES!

The fact is, this issue of illegal immigration has been going on in this country for 18 years, and the past three presidents during 16 of those years did nothing to solve it. Where was the outrage during that time? Where was the outrage when Obama and his administration treated illegal immigrants no differently? As a matter of fact, where was the outrage when photos of holding facilities that were published in 2014 (during Obama’s term as president) revealed the true treatment and living conditions for illegal immigrants?

This manufactured crisis is just that, a manufactured crisis! It is designed to gin up more hatred for President Trump; it is designed to divert the attention away from the recently released IG report and Trump’s economic achievements; and it is designed to create a crisis by pulling at the heartstrings of sympathetic Americans in an effort to sway votes to the left this coming November. DON’T BE FOOLED! The left does not care for these illegal immigrants (kids and parents), they’re just pawns in their political scheme. If these illegal immigrants were to sway future elections to republicans, you can bet the democrats would be supporting President Trump in his efforts to solve this problem.

To the future and security of America.

Concerned American Sounds Off
Twitter: @CASoundsOff

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