Response and Criticism to My Recent Washington Post Article Comment

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Response and Criticism to My Recent Washington Post Article Comment Concerned American Sounds Off Concerned American Sounds Off

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June 22, 2018

SUBJECT: Response and Criticism to My Recent Washington Post Article Comment

To The Liberal Left:

I’ll try to keep my written response here to the point and succinct since debating many of you is akin to debating two year olds throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Since Thursday, June 21, 2018, many of you have been trying to get me to respond directly to your tweets in response to my tweet to the Washington Post concerning their 6/20 article titled ‘A blowtorch to the tinder’: Stoking racial tensions is a feature of Trump’s presidency.

First, know that I rarely debate or respond directly to tweets by the liberal left because I've come to realize that your minds are “already made up” and you easily get confused with facts. I may from time to time respond to some of the nonsense I read, or attempt to debate those I see may have an open mind or are critical thinkers who may have something valuable to add to a debate.

Second, I know that by responding directly to your tweets, many of you will throw tantrums, insults, and threats - juvenile (and sometimes criminal) behavior you seem to get away with on Twitter. I also know that most of you will “report” me then block me in your attempts to silence me by getting me banned on Twitter for doing nothing more than exercising my First Amendment Right in a peaceful manner. Many of you on the left have shown your intolerance (and pure hate) many times over!

Now, my last comment to those of you on the liberal left concerning the WP article I referenced above: That article was nothing more than a biased viewpoint designed and written to gin up more hatred for President Trump (by falsely portraying him as a racist) and divert the attention away from President Trump’s economic achievements. It was fake news! There, I said it again!

The fact is, the issue of illegal immigration has been going on in this country for 18 years, and the past three presidents during 16 of those years did nothing to solve it. Where was the outrage during that time? Where was the outrage when Obama and his administration treated illegal immigrants no differently? Moreover, where was the outrage when photos of holding facilities that were published in 2014 (during Obama’s term as president) revealed the treatment and living conditions for illegal immigrants? Why weren’t you all fired up then? And where was the Washington Post then? ...Crickets

Concerned American Sounds Off
#Patriot #AmericaFirst #NRA #KeepAmericaStrong #MAGA #Trump2020
Twitter: @CASoundsOff

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