Beware of Democrats’ Desperate Plan to Instigate Bad Behavior on Twitter

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Beware of Democrats’ Desperate Plan to Instigate Bad Behavior on Twitter The Twitter Rules @J_Moist Concerned American Sounds Off Concerned American Sounds Off

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July 2, 2018

SUBJECT: Beware of Democrats’ Desperate Plan to Instigate Bad Behavior on Twitter

To My Fellow Conservative Patriots:

Earlier today, an extremely intolerant, far-left radical, anti–law enforcement, liberal activist attorney from Denver Colorado chimed in on one of my tweets to @Time and immediately began throwing insults. This is the Democrats' plan folks, to insult and instigate in the hopes of getting conservative Trump supporters like you and me to respond back in kind. Don’t fall for this tactic!

They do this to try to get under your skin, and once they do, they attack more until you finally (and justifiably) attack back. After that happens though, be warned that one of the following can happen: 1) they’ll “report” you to Twitter and possibly get you banned on the platform, or 2) Twitter’s own algorithm will flag your account for violation of their “rules” (see:

If that should occur, they win!

It would give me, as I’m sure most of you, great pleasure to respond to these anarchists in kind on Twitter, calling them for what and who they are, but I prefer (when I can) to take the high road and let them make fools of themselves, as the attorney from Denver, CO (@J_Moist) did earlier today. Remember this, Twitter is run by leftist liberals, and they have been accused over the years of being politically biased by targeting conservatives. Their rules often don’t seem to apply to liberals!

Take this cautionary message for what it is, a cautionary message! If we are going to beat them this November, and in 2020, we simply cannot stoop to their level.

Concerned American Sounds Off
#Patriot #AmericaFirst #NRA #KeepAmericaStrong #MAGA #Trump2020
Twitter: @CASoundsOff

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