Photographing Luxury Homes and Estates in Greenwich, CT

Photographing Luxury Homes and Estates in Greenwich, CT

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Photographing Luxury Homes and Estates in Greenwich CT

As a professional real estate and architectural photographer, I have had the pleasure of photographing many luxury homes and estates in Greenwich, CT. It’s no secret that Greenwich is the wealthiest town in Connecticut … a drive through the town and its neighborhoods confirm this fact.

The luxury homes in Greenwich are just amazing, and the homes I have personally photographed were exquisite. It’s always a treat driving into the town for an assignment and seeing the opulence.

Most of my photography assignments in Greenwich are for luxury home builders and remodelers who hire me to showcase their work online and in print. As I walk through newly constructed homes and completed remodels, I’m always amazed at the quality, dedication, and skill that goes into this type of work.

I’m looking forward to my next photography assignment in Greenwich, strengthening existing relationships, and cultivating new relationships.

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Jim Fuhrmann is a real estate and architectural photographer based in Connecticut. He has been photographing professionally in this genre of photography since 2006 and he has won numerous awards during this time. In fact, his work has won Best of Houzz 4 years running. Click or tap here to learn more about Jim, view his work, and view his contact information.

Real Estate Photography Workshops
In addition to professionally photographing real estate listings for his clients, Jim conducts real estate photography workshops for REALTORS® who wish to improve their photography skills, and he conducts real estate photography workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level photographers who wish to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become professional real estate photographers. 

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