How to Share Your Google Calendar

How to Share Your Google Calendar

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The following image-based instructional tutorial depicts the steps to perform in order to share your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Tutorial Image 1

STEP 1 (IMAGE 1): If you haven’t already launched Google Calendar in your web browser, type: OR in your address bar shown above.

STEP 2 (IMAGE 1): Hover your mouse pointer over your gmail address and select the down arrow button.

Google Calendar Tutorial Image 2

STEP 1 (IMAGE 2): Select ‘Share this Calendar’

Google Calendar Tutorial Image 3

STEP 1 (IMAGE 3): Enter an e-mail address for whom you want to share your calendar with.

STEP 2 (IMAGE 3): Select ‘Add Person’ to add the e-mail address to your shared list. NOTE: The default permission setting is ‘See all event details.’ If you want to give permission to make changes to your calendar, select the dropdown and select the appropriate permission settings option.

STEP 3 (IMAGE 3): Select ‘Save’ to save your share settings.

Google Calendar Tutorial Image 4

IMAGE 4: You're done! Your Google Calendar shared settings have been saved. To change permissions or to revoke access at any time, repeat the steps outlined in the first and second image of this tutorial, then proceed to the steps outlined in the fifth and final image of this tutorial.

Google Calendar Tutorial Image 5

STEP 1 (IMAGE 5): To change permissions for the person (or persons) whom you granted access to in the previous steps, select the dropdown shown here to the left. To revoke access at any time for the person (or persons) whom you granted access to in previous steps, select the trash bin shown here to the right.

STEP 2 (IMAGE 5): Select ‘Save’ to accept your changes.

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