Spam Message from 702-758-4988

Spam Message from 702-758-4988

Spam Message from 702-758-4988

Over the years, countless website owners have received email messages from spammers claiming to be website designers and SEO marketing experts. One such message is from someone named Jamie Weaver (quite possibly not the senders real name). The phone number “Jamie” is providing as a call back number is (702) 758-4988, and the email address being provided is

A Google search on the phone number does not reveal much intelligence. However, a search on the email address reveals that it has been blocked and blacklisted on a number of websites and forums for comment spamming. Based on research of the information returned in a search, it is conclusive that is undeniably an habitual spammer. Legitimate website designers would never engage in the types of activities being reported online for this email address.

The IP address that the email message originates from is, which is assigned (as of the date of this writing) to a company named ColoCrossing who is headquartered in Buffalo, NY, and who according to their website, is a provider of colocation services, dedicated servers, and a wide variety of managed services and solutions. Based on the services they provide, one can only surmise that is using their services to conduct spamming activities.

Here is an actual screen print of a message received from

Spam Message from 702-758-4988

Chances are you are reading this post because you received a similar message from If this is the case, you’d be wise to just ignore and delete the message. Just for the sake of argument, even if “Jamie” is a legitimate website designer, would you want to work with someone who is banned, blocked, and blacklisted on a number of websites and internet service providers due to unethical spam activities? 

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