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As a pragmatic thinker, it only seems natural that I write about the news and stories that interest me. If I decide to write about important or contentious issues and arguments in the news, I will carefully consider both sides before doing so. If you disagree or feel I've made an error in any of my writings, I welcome your comments, feedback, critique, and corrections in the comments section found below each of my writings on this website.

My philosophy and approach to civil discourse and spirited debates are that we can disagree with one another on important issues without insulting and demonizing one another. I do not waste my time responding to anyone who chooses to insult or demonize me for my views and opinions expressed in my writings.

Social Media

Although I do not use or favor social media for reasons I've written about in my writings below, I do tweet the links to my writings published on this website. If you are a Twitter user, feel free to follow me at @PragmaticThink2. Please know that I do not respond to comments left for me on Twitter. I only respond to comments left for me on this website.

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