About Your Source for Culinary Information is an educational platform that has become a source of knowledge for culinary professionals and enthusiasts. The distraction-free information and insightful product reviews published on this platform are tailored to culinary professionals and cooking enthusiasts alike. This platform is not only an educational resource for the industry but also a personal learning hub for its founder, Jim Fuhrmann, in his own culinary journey.


Jim Fuhrmann initially launched in 2004 with a vision of creating an informational platform that covered a broad range of subjects and topics. Recognizing the growing need for distraction-free culinary-related information, he decided to revamp this platform in 2023 to focus exclusively on the restaurant and culinary industry.


The primary focus of this platform is to continue developing and maintaining as an educational resource and learning hub for the culinary community and cooking enthusiasts. While daily publications were the norm throughout August and September 2023, this platform has transitioned to a less frequent update schedule, with new information being published periodically. Despite this reduction in frequency, you can continue to expect high-quality, meticulously researched cooking and culinary information.

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