How Professional Photography Can Benefit FSBO’s in CT

How Professional Photography Can Benefit FSBO’s in CT

How Professional Photography Can Benefit FSBO's in CT

So, you thought you could take breathtaking pictures of your home using your smartphone or newly purchased DSLR camera. But to your surprise, the pictures failed to attract potential home buyers online. Are you starting to think it was a bad idea for you to take the pictures yourself? For Sale By Owners (or FSBO’s) often make this fundamental mistake in an effort to cut costs. The importance of “professional” real estate photography for homeowners cannot be emphasized enough.

Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Visual cues have always won the attention of customers more than anything else, and the same applies when you want to sell your home. As a For Sale By Owner, you are cheating yourself out of a potential sale of your home when you opt for grainy, unprofessional photographs instead of hiring a professional real estate photographer to help bring out the best in your home and property. If you are a FSBO trying to sell your home in Connecticut, your chances of attracting more potential home buyers significantly increase when you hire a professional real estate photographer.

Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

You thought you did everything right, but still, you failed to attract potential buyers. What could be the problem? You carried out the minor (and maybe major) repairs. You scrubbed, you polished, you decluttered and rearranged furniture to give your home the best look it has had since you first moved in. Maybe the problem is that the photographs you are using to help sell your home are not welcoming and attracting potential home buyers? The visual appeal created by a professional photographer is one of the most important things a For Sale By Owner should consider. Let’s face it, your first showing occurs online, and if your photographs do not attract potential home buyers, well, your home will take longer to sell, or won’t sell at all.

Just The Facts

Studies show that 96 percent of home buyers look for homes online, and most want to see the property at every angle. If your pictures are blurred or, dark and don’t provide the full details needed by the buyer, there goes a potential buyer and the money you could have made. Are you a FSBO in Avon, Bloomfield, West Hartford, or Greenwich Connecticut? Do you think your iPhone photos are good enough for your listing? Think again!

According to Michael Seiler, director of the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University, the first thing a typical buyer notices when they look at an online listing is the photo. In a study targeted at understanding the internet behavior of home buyers, Seiler and a team of researchers concluded that photos receive an overwhelming first view in real estate listings. This is profound!

It Pays in the Long Run

In a 2013 Redfin study, professionally photographed homes sell for more money than homes with photos taken by an amateur. A similar study by Redfin done in 2010 also revealed that homes with professional photographs received 61 percent more online views than homes photographed by amateurs.

The best part is that professional photographers don’t cost much. A good professional real estate photographer charges an average of $300.00 dollars. Can you see the difference $300 can make in the sale of your home?

No matter how beautiful your home looks in person, it won’t get any attention if your buyers can’t see appealing pictures of your home online from different angles. Keep your photography skills to your picnics and family gatherings, let a professional photographer work his or her magic on your home. The exposure a professional photographer will give your home will be worth thousands more than the amount you paid the photographer.

Jim Fuhrmann is a real estate and architectural photographer based in Connecticut. He has been photographing professionally in this genre of photography since 2006 and he has won numerous awards during this time. In fact, his work has won Best of Houzz 4 years running. Click or tap here to learn more about Jim, view his work, and view his contact information.

Real Estate Photography Workshops
In addition to professionally photographing real estate listings for his clients, Jim conducts real estate photography workshops for REALTORS® who wish to improve their photography skills, and he conducts real estate photography workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level photographers who wish to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become professional real estate photographers. 

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