How to Sell Your House With Professional Photos

How to Sell Your House With Professional Photos

How to Sell Your House With Professional Photos

Once you decide to sell your house, you have a lot of work to do. You’ve got to pack up most of your belongings and store them so your house doesn’t look so cluttered. You have to make minor – well, sometimes MAJOR – repairs so that the house will pass inspection and possibly be eligible for a home warranty policy. You scrub, clean, replace light bulbs, shine windows, even bake cookies for an open house so that the place smells like home. You place ads in the paper and online and put flyers in the tube on the realtor sign. You think you are doing everything the big, professional realty companies are doing. But, there is something missing. You just aren’t getting many people to your open house. You aren’t getting any foot traffic or calls. This is a great house! Why aren’t people responding?

The problem most likely is that your house doesn’t stand out from the competition. There are a lot of houses on the market today, and you need to find a way to make your home grab the buyer’s attention. How can you do that? With professional photos!

Here’s an example of what professional photos look like and how they can make a home stand out on the market:

Professional Real Estate Photography

People are more likely to respond to listings that look professional. When the REALTOR® asked for a picture of your house, did you snap one from the street with your smartphone? Be honest now…

Smartphones and pocket cameras are ok for vacation, but when you’re talking about tens- or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, you need professionally done photographs. If you don’t think your property is worth professional treatment, then buyers won’t think it is worth their money.

A professional photographer, especially a real estate photographer, understands how to stage a room for the most visual impact. He or she will produce high-resolution photographs that look great, make color pop, and bring a dynamic energy to a static image. He or she understands depth-of-field and the effect of lighting on colors and textures. That straight-on photo you took during your lunch hour will look totally different when taken at 9:00 a.m. at an oblique angle. The shadows from columns, the subtle sparkle of moisture on foundation plantings, and much more can make a photo look more like a portrait than a snapshot.

Reach More Potential Home Buyers

About 65% of people are visual learners. This means they have to see something to understand it. Now, everyone who buys a house is going to look at it, of course. But 65% of those shoppers are going to get much more from looking at that house than the rest of the market. They get an idea of the love and care that have gone into the house. They study the view-lines in rooms and get a feel of the space. Professional photos can provide those perspectives, drawing in more house hunters as a result.

Can You Sell Your House With Professional Photos?

You most certainly CAN sell your house with professional photos! A series of high-resolution photos, with some panoramic shots included, can make all the difference in whether or not you even get buyers through the front door.

The truth is, most people do their house hunting on their cell phones these days. Do you want to find a nearby deli? Check maps on your phone and drop in for lunch. Did you hear about a new boutique downtown? Your cell phone will tell you how to get there. Are you out house hunting with your spouse? He or she can take a virtual tour as you drive down the street. You can take a virtual tour at your office desk (while you’re on break, of course).

As home buyers make their lists of houses to view, your online virtual tour will stand out in their minds. They will be much more likely to call you or your REALTOR® first as they make appointments for viewing. There is something personal about seeing the spaces of a house before you view it in person. It gives the buyer a sense of familiarity that works in your favor. They already feel a connection to your house and have imagined their furniture in those virtual spaces. A 360º panoramic view of the kitchen helps a potential home buyer visualize Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family helping out in the kitchen.

That, alone, is enough to sell a house. When you have a great house, show everyone how great it is. Don’t give them the chance to shrug off your property. Make them see themselves living there, and you’ll have a sale. And you can do it all with professional real estate photography. You CAN sell your house with professional photos.

Jim Fuhrmann is a real estate and architectural photographer based in Connecticut. He has been photographing professionally in this genre of photography since 2006 and he has won numerous awards during this time. In fact, his work has won Best of Houzz 4 years running. Click or tap here to learn more about Jim, view more of his work, and view his contact information.

Real Estate Photography Workshops
In addition to professionally photographing real estate listings for his clients, Jim conducts real estate photography workshops for REALTORS® who wish to improve their photography skills, and he conducts real estate photography workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level photographers who wish to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become professional real estate photographers. 

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