Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

If you are planning to put your house on the market, you need to make sure that your home is in good condition and ready for showings. Home buyers today are very particular about the type of house they want to purchase. They do not want to invest in a property that is not move-in ready or is in need of repairs.

Once you’ve made sure that your house is move-in ready and that all needed repairs have been made, it becomes necessary to showcase it online through professional real estate photography. While many homeowners feel that it is easier just to take their own photos (using their smartphones or digital cameras) and upload them to various websites, that can affect the sale of their homes.

The benefits of hiring a professional real estate photographer are many. When you hire a professional real estate photographer to photograph your home, you can rest assured that the photographs will be of exceptional quality and will highlight the best features of your home. This can go a long way in ensuring a quicker sale.

Without further ado, let’s view the three reasons to hire a professional real estate photographer:

Attract More Home Buyers

When you use high-quality photos for your online listing, they will attract the attention of more home buyers. Studies indicate that posting photographs taken by professional real estate photographers can increase the number of clicks on the listing by at least 100%. You will find that professional photographs generate more interest in your home, and you will be able to sell your home for the best price much faster.

Save Lots of Time

If you decide to take your own photographs of your home, it can be extremely time-consuming. Since you are not a professional photographer, you would not know what the best lighting and angles for the photographs would be. It is crucial to be mindful of the lighting, composition, etc. while photographing a home.

You might not realize this when you decide to take your own photographs, but you will find that taking the perfect photos can consume a lot of your time. You would have to reshoot them several times to get photos that are worth uploading and have the best chance of attracting the attention of potential home buyers.

In comparison, when you hire a professional real estate photographer, they will handle every aspect of the project, from shooting the photographs to editing them professionally.

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Sell Your Home Faster

It is a proven fact that MLS listings with professional photos always sell faster. Studies indicate that listings that have photos taken by professional real estate photographers sell around 50% more quickly in comparison to listings without professional photography. If you use a smartphone or a regular point and shoot camera to take photographs, potential buyers are far more likely to scroll past your listing.

This also means your home will most likely languish on the market for a long period of time. When you hire the services of a real estate photographer to professionally photograph your home, you will attract more attention online and bring in more potential buyers.

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Final Thoughts

It’s a fact that your first showing occurs online. When potential home buyers are looking at your listing and photos online, they want to be we able to envision themselves in a beautiful home rather than one that looks unwelcoming or is poorly illuminated. Hiring a professional real estate photographer can make all the difference in increasing your chances of selling your home faster and at (or near) your asking price. 

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