Message About Ads

Message About Ads

As a content publishing platform and collaborative, multi-author blog, we believe in delivering easy to consume and distraction-free content to our website visitors. A trend we are all seeing and experiencing throughout the internet today is an increasing number of inserted/in-article ads, popup messages, and autoplay videos. This concerning trend is occurring too often on news websites, blogs, and social media.

We understand the need for brands/website owners to monetize their websites, but displaying numerous inserted/in-article ads from 3rd party ad networks, showing multiple popup messages during a single session, and autoplaying videos as soon as pages load have become distracting, extremely annoying, and does nothing but destroy the user experience. It diminishes the value that the internet currently brings to millions of people around the world. In fact, we will go so far as to say that this barrage of annoying online distractions is slowly killing the internet and keeping people from experiencing its full potential.

Our Promise To Our Website Visitors

We promise that any digital ads we selectively choose to display on this website will be unobtrusive and appear only at the bottom of pages and blog articles. In fact, you might not ever even notice them. We do not and will not display inserted/in-article ads, we do not and will not show popup messages, and we do not and will not autoplay videos. This is our promise to our website visitors!

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