Billionaire Investor Buys Major Stake in Twitter to Oust CEO

Billionaire Investor Buys Major Stake in Twitter to Oust CEO

Billionaire Investor Buys Major Stake in Twitter to Oust CEO

Many news organizations are reporting that a billionaire investor bought a major stake in Twitter to oust its CEO, Jack Dorsey. The buyer, Paul Singer of Elliott Management Corp., has nominated four directors to Twitter’s board and plans to force out Mr. Dorsey.

When I read the headlines, I must admit, I felt a sense of jubilation. Why? Well, it’s not so much because I dislike Jack Dorsey. My jubilation is more because I believe that if he is ousted, Twitter can finally become a free and open platform that does not censor (shadowban) its users or limit the visibility of user content based on political beliefs and opinions. Here are a couple of links to sites reporting on the story:

Billionaire Republican buys major Twitter stake, may oust CEO amid GOP concerns of bias, reports say

Elliott Management nominates four Twitter directors in potential bid to oust Dorsey

We’ll all have to wait and see how this plays out for Twitter, its CEO, Jack Dorsey, and what effects this move will have on its stock price (TWTR). 

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