Committee Recommending Changes to Historical Sites

Committee Recommending Changes to Historical Sites

Committee Recommending Changes to Historical Sites

A Washington DC committee is recommending changes to historical sites, including the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. According to a Fox News report, a committee reporting to Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. has come up with a list of historical monuments, schools, parks, government buildings, and other structures that it recommends making changes to because of the historical namesakes’ connection to slavery or racism. The lengthy list includes the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. For more on this story, visit the link below.

DC Committee Recommends Changes to Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Other Historical Assets

The hard-left progressive liberal socialist Democrats are trying to erase and rewrite history and turn America into a socialist-communist nation. This IS NOT what our forefathers and framers of the constitution had in mind for America. It is Un-American and needs to be stopped! If you want to stop this, vote only Republican on November 3rd. Remember, these radicals will not stop with just this. Their ideas, proposals, and vision for America will only get more radical and more destructive. 

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