Democratic Nominee in New York is Anti-Capitalist

Democratic Nominee in New York is Anti-Capitalist

Democratic Nominee in New York is Anti-Capitalist

Democratic nominee in New York is Anti-Capitalist. That is the headline of this post, and would it surprise you to learn that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY), in an interview published on Tuesday, promoted her fellow Democratic socialist from New York as another candidate who hopes to transform the country?

Jabari Brisport, the nominee for New York’s 25th State Senate district, is quoted as saying that “it’s about freeing people from all the existential havoc that capitalism wreaks on us, and allowing them to truly thrive.” For more on this story, visit the link below.

AOC Interviews Democratic Socialist NY Candidate: ‘Freeing People From All the Existential Havoc That Capitalism Wreaks’

This year’s presidential election is the most important election of our lifetime and will determine whether we remain a free people or controlled by Marxist Democrats. How we got to the point where people like AOC and Jabari Brisport can win political seats and gain so much power is no longer important. What is important is that we stop them by voting them out on November 3rd.

The choice in this election is simple. Do you want to remain a free people to choose your own destiny, or do you want to be controlled by Marxist Democrats telling you what you can and cannot do? Let’s not forget that socialism has a 100% failure rate throughout history and leads to communism. It is an interim period between capitalism and communism. 

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