Trump Supposedly Disparaged U.S. Soldiers Injured and Killed in War

Trump Supposedly Disparaged U.S. Soldiers Injured and Killed in War

Trump Supposedly Disparaged U.S. Soldiers Injured and Killed in War

According to a story published on The Washington Post website, President Donald. J. Trump “supposedly” disparaged U.S. soldiers injured and killed in war by saying they were ‘losers,’ that according to a magazine report. For more on this story, visit the link below.

Trump Said U.S. Soldiers Injured and Killed in War Were ‘Losers,’ Magazine Reports

Do I believe this is fake news? Of course I do! Two months before the election and now all of a sudden this gets published and reported? Be aware that over the next two months, the far-left progressive liberal socialist marxist Democrats will be releasing fake news to disparage and undermine President Donald J. Trump to try to sway the minds of voters, especially independents and our current and former military personnel. Don’t fall for their deceitful marxist tactics. 

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