YouTube Channels for Conservatives

YouTube Channels for Conservatives

YouTube Channels for Conservatives

As a conservative, I believe in and value freedom of speech and our first amendment rights. I believe that liberals and those on the left might also share the same thinking, so long as everyone conforms to their way of political thinking and “social values.”

Since the left-wing national news media (and social media) are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democratic party, the American people aren’t being given the truth. The fact is, today, more than ever before in the history of journalism, the national news media represents a political hard-left bias and are made up of many unethical “journalists.”

If you want the truth about what really is happening in America today and you want to dig deeper into politics, check out the YouTube channels below. You will see things for the way they really are and you will begin to respect and appreciate why conservatives are the true patriotic Americans. If you are a conservative, you might enjoy the channels. If you are a moderate liberal, you might learn a few things from the channels. If you are a far-left progressive liberal socialist marxist Democrat (code words for communist), you might be triggered by the channels.

YouTube Channels for Conservatives

To the conservatives who checked out the YouTube channels above, I hope you enjoyed them. To the moderate liberals, I hope you learned a few things. To the far-left progressive liberal socialist marxist Democrats, I hope (and pray) you seek help for your triggered state of mind.

If you know of other Conservative YouTube channels that should be added to the above list, let me know in the comments section. 

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3 Comments to “YouTube Channels for Conservatives”

  1. Hi Pragmatic Thinker, I'll concede that CNN, MSNBC, and PBS tilt left, but to say that the national news media is a propaganda arm of the Democratic party is a bit of a stretch. I do agree that they don't like Trump, but he has given them plenty of reasons not to like him.

    1. Sue, I stand by my assertion that the national news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democratic party. CNN and MSNBC don't just tilt left, they are hard left! Sure, President Donald Trump has given the news media some reasons to dislike him, but regardless, they are not reporting like journalists and are doing everything possible (including lying, distorting, and underreporting the news) to undermine the President and destroy his credibility on policies he gets right. This is a fact, Sue! Sorry if you don't see it that way!

    2. Sue, just thought I'd follow up on my last reply and share this news story with you:

      If you read the story with an open mind, you'll begin to see why I believe the national news media is a propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

      (Apparently, this website does not allow clickable links in the comments section, so you will have to manually select and copy the above link and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.)

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