Why This is The Best Time to Update Your Website in Connecticut

Why This is The Best Time to Update Your Website in Connecticut

Why This is The Best Time to Update Your Website in Connecticut

No doubt, you want your business to succeed in Connecticut, and that is why you maintain a website because it’s one of the most effective tools for selling your brand, products, and services to consumers. But building and launching a website in CT is not enough to guarantee the success of your business. Your website needs to be regularly updated with new content, and there is no better time to do it than now.

As we gradually move into 2018, your website should reflect current preferences and trends of today’s consumers. Trends come and go, and your website should be in sync with the dynamics of the online business environment. If you wish to keep your current clients and win new customers, now is the best time to give your clients fresh content and make your website easy to navigate on all devices. Below are some of the benefits of rejuvenating your website at this time.

Fresh Content Boosts Traffic

Internet users are hungry for content that addresses challenges in their lives with practical solutions. With regular, up to date content, you win the trust of your customers, and they see you as an authority in your industry. Fresh content also increases your Domain Authority, and this helps to boost your site’s ranking in search engine results. Whereas, if clients only see old, outdated content, they won’t hesitate to move to the next competitor site that offers them the latest information.

Update Your Keyword Strategy

As new information becomes available, you have the chance to rank your website for the latest keywords in your field. If you have a home building website in Connecticut for example, updating your website allows you to rank some pages for some new keyword that’s getting a lot of attention in your area.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

As mobile devices become more commoditized, a disproportionate amount of web traffic is originating from smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. With over 60 percent of web traffic coming from mobile devices, you are putting yourself out of business if your site is not mobile-friendly as it becomes a lot more difficult to access information on your site through such devices. If you have a home builder website, don’t you think most of your clients view the pictures on your website through their mobile devices? It will be a huge turnoff if they have to bend their phone sideways to see the blurry pictures of your website.

Keep Your Website Secure

In the deep abyss of the dark web, cybercriminals are lurking behind masks trying to steal identities, sensitive files, and anything of value they can lay their sticky e-fingers upon. Regular updates ensure that your website can stand up against attacks.

Site Navigation

Your website is not all about aesthetics. It should also be functional and easy for users to navigate. Your website design should make it easy for users to access information easily and within the shortest time possible. Anything short of this, and users will leave your site faster than they could blink an eye. If your site is old, outdated, unpleasing to the eye, and difficult to navigate, now is the time to get a website design update.

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